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"KVADRO" is a group of the companies of southeast region of Ukraine. There are 5 enterprises with various kinds of activity in the group. The basic activities of the companies are structured in three directions.

Purchasing and processing of algricultural production

Sunflower tradingPrivate Production Enterprise "KVADRO" is one of leaders in the field of processing the agricultural products. The main specialization of the enterprise is processing of algricultural production (main product is sunflower, sunflower oil), purchasing and sale of production.

Confectionery industry

Food Combine IDEAL. Ideal is tasty!Food combine "IDEAL" specializes on manufacture of food additive concentrate of sunflower protein "Izo".

Telecommunications, system integration

International Communications Bank"International Communications Bank" ("BIGLINE" ) - the leader in the field of telecommunication decisions, constructions of communication systems, system integration etc.
Prior directions of the company are providing access to World Wide Web, building of corporate networks, construction of communication systems for business (ATS, call-center), development and providing the software for business.

"KVADRO" constantly grows, showing high dynamics of parameters and expansion of activity spheres.

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